From the mix between the Asian spiritual philosophy and the experience of the western world comes up EVENTUS, the most distinguished events company of south east Asia.

And now you’d say…. What’s the difference between EVENTUS and the rest of the events company’s? well, we offer much more than just “a party”, we offer the most exciting EXPERIENCES that you can possibly have.

We’ve been in this world for ages coming from various areas; show business, public relations, catering, night life world etc. and now we decide to put our brains vibrating together to create great things. We’re in the constant seek of new concepts outside of the what is common; we are atypical, we are fresh, we are new and we came to stay.

We want to make our clients feel as excited as we are when we’re developing a new idea. Make them feel part of the crew. To sump up, we want to create YOUR perfect event and make it unforgettable. Thematic party’s, live music concerts, wine/food tastes… anything you can imagine, we can make it.

Don’t waste any more time and see where/when is the next EVENTUS, or ask us only if you feel ready to let us blow your mind.